small forms





Compact distorted sound body
spherical and at the same time close to beat.
Passages in parallel worlds, followed by unexpected breaks and responses to square kicks drums.
Gravitation is based on the underlying recording of different sound materials: a sound design made from fragments or field recordings transform into new units of bass line in an Hekura process of delays and crash distortions.
distortions – hope and beauty-

Marcos Rondon, Aka AC/Boy Electronic Music Producer

Originally from Venezuela, South America, Marcos Rondon has resided in Vienna since 2002. Previously he lived and worked in different cities around the world. Performing under the artistic names Van Monte and AC/Boy, Marcos Rondon’s main work is as an electronic sound artist producer and performer.

Additionally he has worked in various projects in theater and contemporary dance as a performer, artist in residence, and sound designer at institutions such as Tanzquartier, MAK Vienna, ImageTanz Festival, Kulturhauptstadt Linz09, Brut ImagenTanz, Fluc, Rhiz, AU, Wiener Konzerthaus, FAMUFEST (Prague), The Kitchen New York City, etc