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Take 1

Take 2

Take 3 – Show

“mikro_kosmos” is a spectacle of nature, a self-renewing environment populated by wraithlike creatures, conjured up like the images of a laterna magica, complete with sunrises, quick motion scenes, fights between the fittest and non-survivors, and even sirens, in case of fire in the underbrush. In the middle part fleischmann’s guitar takes the
lead, runs wild, things are head over heels all of a sudden, there’s beating and elopement, until we hear new paws on the ground, and the playing field is ready to be cluttered up once again: grow, thrive, wither, fade away, be eaten, until the next breakup will set this little world on fire. But back to the missing album title: perhaps there is no
title because the track titles are simply chosen too well. A suitable album title, though, he already used for an earlier album: “Melancholie” – a word universally understood; and it still rings true.…/for-m-mikro_kosmos-two-concerts