small forms

Saturday June 15th 2024
Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h30
Tyler Lewis is a composer and sound artist based on the northeast coast of Scotland. A multi-instrumentalist, Tyler is trained in music theory, piano, guitar, voice, and audio production. His work explores the intersection of sound and environment and often uses multi-channel sound composition influenced by musical techniques to create emotive soundscapes. The installation artworks also involve visual elements including sculpture, found objects, and waste materials, to create immersive auditory experiences.
In this living sound installation, Dit Dah, Tyler Lewis reimagines Morse code as a method of communication between threatened animal species and humans. The installation features ceramic sculptures, audio circuits, resonant frequencies, and a touch of chaos. The individual messages create a chorus of urgent messages through a process of amalgamation, perceived as a din of buzzes and beeps – a growing tension of voices difficult to decipher. In this performative sound installation, questions are raised about listening and understanding, as messages are lost in the noise.
Simon Rose is a musician-composer, researcher and author from London living in Berlin. A recognised baritone saxophonist, his main interest is with open form improvisation. Rose performs as a soloist and in a great many, diverse collaborations in Europe and North America including: high-energy free jazz , reductionism, noise, silence, rock, jazz, solo, and improvising orchestras. He also performs in various interdisciplinary artistic constellations with dancers, visual artists and others. Leading the London based trio ‘badland’ (Simon Fell double bass, Steve Noble drums, 1995 – present) Rose recorded four CDs; toured internationally; radio sessions included BBC Jazz on 3, Resonance Radio. Solo, Rose has recorded two well received solo CDs on alto and baritone saxophone. Current groups include: Michel Doneda, Steve Noble, Stefan Schultze, Hilary Jeffery, Paul Stapleton, Nicola Hein, Deniz Peters, Philippe Lemoine; Jan Roder double bass and Willi Kellers drums; Dag Magnus Narvesen drums and; Adam Pultz Melbye double bass. Past performances have included, amongst many others: Pauline Oliveros, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Mark Dresser, Tristan Honsinger, Dave Douglas, Alexander von Schlippenbach, John Raskin, Audrey Chen, Mark Sanders. He appears on over forty music releases. Rose’s PhD thesis is a study of improvisation and he has authored two books: ‘The lived experience of improvisation: In music learning and life’ (2017) and ‘Relational Improvisation. Music, Dance and Contemporary Art’ (2024).
‘Procession’ [solo saxophone CD] is one of the finest statements from the saxophone I have ever had the pleasure to experience.’ Marc Medwin, CADENCE
‘The second set was Simon Rose’s solo [baritone saxophone] … recently represented in a beautifully recorded solo album on baritone: ‘Schmetterling.’… Rose gifted the audience with a
beautiful performance, full of nuances, circular breathing and something like a theatrical attitude, but very near the essence and far from rhetoric. Gian Paolo Galasi