small forms

Saturday December 16th 2023
Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h30
Roy F Culbertson III
Two strings overlap
Juxtaposing frequencies
Tonal myriads
Vienna is nice
I only have one complaint:
Not enough cornfields
Chonglian Yu & Tian Fu: Who’s Game?
Who’s Game?
这个表演是一个关于玩和被玩的游戏。一个玩家,一个rapper,和一台连接到ChatGPT的语言、视 觉、声音处理系统 —— 文字、声音和视觉图像将这三者相互链接。他们之间传递的信息刺激着游戏 参与者做出一个又一个的决策。但是玩和被玩在这里很难被界定。到底是谁在玩游戏?谁是玩家? 谁被谁操作和掌控?

Who’s Game?
This performance is a game about playing and being played. There’s a player, a rapper, and a language-visual-sound processing system connected to ChatGPT. Text, sound, and visual images interlink the three nodes. The information exchanged between them stimulates the participants to make decision after decision. However, in this context, it’s challenging to distinguish the “playing” and the “being played”. Who is the player? Who is being manipulated and controlled by whom?

Chonglian Yu, a composer, sound artist, and creative programmer, translates his imaginative and, at times, unbridled thoughts into musical languages. He studied music theory, classical composition, and later computer music and sound art. His works span various formats and mediums, from instrumental and electroacoustic music to sound installations, gamified performances, interactive web streaming, and DIY electronics. In his artistic practice, he consistently emphasizes the audience’s embodied experience and his reflections on contemporary digital/internet culture as fundamental elements. His compositional interests deeply resonate with both a speculative future and his cultural roots.

Tian Fu, born in Hohhot in 1989, is a composer, rapper, and beat-maker. He is currently an artistic research doctoral candidate at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Ranging from instrumental music to electronic music, and from audio-theater to improvisation, Tian Fu’s works have been performed in various contexts: in concert halls, at open-air music festivals, in music bars, via live streaming, and at academic conferences. He has collaborated with the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, China National Ballet, China Youth Symphony Orchestra, NAMES Ensemble, OENM Ensemble, E-Max Ensemble, and Yuanyang Ensemble. As a practitioner of Chinese rap, he was part of the underground scene in Hohhot during his teenage years.