small forms

Friday September 23rd 2022
Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h30
★ bosse & soulimenko – CLOUDS perhaps dirt
#anything minimal and something loud # comes from adventure
#actual situations and instability #cumulonimbus and cirrostratus
We understand the interaction of sound as sculptural shapes. Our compositions use space with poetic clouds and words. We are searching for an alchemy of sound texture and counter rhythm with performative traces in live composition.
Two performing artists, Claudia Bosse and Oleg Soulimenko, play music together, using electronic and acoustic instruments to create musical compositions. They compose together live and practice their compositions following different structures and patterns while experimenting with a number of instruments and sounding objects, and cloud formation. They are searching for physical actions as traces or introductions of sound.
★ Monica Vlad
Monica Vlad changes the functionality of old media devices and everyday objects to create new sounds. She combines the astonishing sound textures and seemingly endless possibilities of the noise genre with sounds from opposite genres such as classical music to create a “paradox soundscape.” Her live performances are different each time, but always intense, dramatic and powerful.