small forms

Saturday April 26th 2024
Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h30
★ Dúo Vinz Schwab – Barbara Togander

Vinz Schwab (AT) electronics
Barbara Togander (AR/SE) voice and turntable

Schwab-Togander play and collaborate together since 2017. Schwab ́s fine electronic algorythms, samples and modulation layers together with Togander ́s turntable and voice makes
this duo one of the most unique sonic experiences in today ́s free improvisation scene.

★ Helena Sorokina & Patrick Topitschnig

The “Melusine” project, a collaboration between contralto Helena Sorokina and sound and video artist Patrick Topitschnig, delves into extreme forms of human vocalization. Inspired by literary motifs such as “Melusines” and the eerie atmosphere of H.P. Lovecraft’s writing, they explore the voice’s essence beyond mere information transmission and examines its profound role in shaping individual identity.

Drawing from Lovecraft’s themes of cosmic horror, their aim is to invoke an unsettling sense of the uncanny through auditory sensations. Helena Sorokina lends her classically trained voice to the project, utilizing it as a conduit for extreme emotional expression and showing a wide palette of the possibilities of an extended voice beyond the classical singing that spans from existential breathing to primal screams, guttural growls and complex multiphonics. Patrick Topitschnig’s contributions include providing musical foundations crafted from field recordings and various other techniques. Together, they create a sonic palette that encompasses a broad spectrum of vocal approaches, from the tranquil to the intense, resulting in an immersive auditory journey.

Making arrangements and disorder is something personal but in reality for KEEP ME IN CASH it is only about breakdowns multi-layered collage of rhythms, samples, sound memories, hydraulics chaotic squeals, without many decorations, cutting cutting recording tones over and over again + pass them through a periphery of pedals (FX). well there’s not much more to say except that I hate smart phones, but in the end I still love my laptop and Sometimes it’s like having a bunch of gremlins running and screaming in your apartment .
Sounds by: Rondon Marcos