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Angélica Castelló (Mexico City)
Composer, Sound Artist
Her sound work and compositions concentrates on fragility, dreamworld and the subconscious. Performs continuously solo or in cooperations everywhere between Mexico City and Vienna. Numerous compositions for ensembles, radio works as well as installations that operate at the interface of music, performance and visual arts. Several releases on labels like Interstellar records, Mikroton recordings, Monotype records, Mosz etc.


Gudinni Cortina, (Mexico) 
I am interested in exploring the fragile and vulnerable “momentum” of situations, materials and sites. I work with sound and image. I live in CDMX and in Hacienda Santa Bárbara in Tlaxcala, Mexico .My aesthetic approach looks for that vulnerable moment in which nothing is determined beforehand, “becoming fragile”.

I don’t believe in “free improvisation”, this kind of freedom doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion at best, but actually rather a lie.
how can we improvise without just repeating the same patterns, while feeling “so free”?
how can we compose without destroying more than we are able to evoke?