small forms

synkleptie № 1044

synkleptie № 1044 is a highly compelling and entertaining solo turntable concert by dieb13, captured on 10“ Vinyl by smallforms records and wrapped in enchanting cover art by Esther Stocker.

On August 22 2020 dieb13 played a solo turntable set under the title „interlockdown kleptosonics“ at the smallforms series at Vienna’s Château Rouge art space. It was the 1044th live set of dieb13‘s live music life and the title turned out to be a correct descriptions of a rare possibility to play live concerts in that pandemic year.

Since the concert itself, played as always on three turntables, a dj-mixer, a self-programmed effects computer and mostly self-crafted vinyl records, was highly acclaimed and the 22 minutes of the recorded set gave a perfect 2×11 minutes EP, synkleptie № 1044 is the inevitable consequence.
Congenially, Esther Stocker gave permission to use one of her paintings as base for the cover art, which creates a maze-like graphical allegory of dieb13’s richly layered construction of signals, noises, drones and tones.

synkleptie № 1044 [vor publikum]: 10” Vinyl
Recorded live at château rouge, Vienna, august 22 2020

dieb13: turntables & klopfer

Recorded by Gustavo Petek

Mastered by Martin Siewert 

Audio mixing, graphics: Dieter Kovačič

Vinyl cutting: Flo Kaufmann

Cover image: Esther Stocker

Distribution: Trost Records