small forms

Alyssa Auvinen Barrera is an electronic musician and DJ, who was born in Mexico and grew up on the US border. After many years DJing she started with her alias “LDY OSC” in 2018 and subsequently released a 12″ EP on The Bunker New York. Following that debut, in 2019, came an LP on Swedish label Kontra-Musik. Next, she has an upcoming EP on SF label Squirrels on Film due for release this fall.
In addition to her solo work she is also the lead in another project, Artefactos de Dolor, which is a synth-wave/post-punk band. LDY OSC also is a maker; while studying music and sound engineering in NYC, she began to build DIY synthesizers and eurorack modules and continues on that engineering path today. LDY OSC has performed around the US and Europe. Her sets have been described as razor-sharp IDM with avant-garde structures that are always adrift in glacial patience.