small forms

Michael Fischer (violin / saxophone) +  Bernhard Loibner (modular synths) +
Clemens Hausch (ppooll, artificial spaces) + João Castro Pinto (laptop)

The music of this quartet is as diverse as its musicians, one can expect an
improvised music concert composed by elements of electronic and
electroacoustic origin in articulation with instrumental sounds.
Dialogues between the musicians will melt into textures and musical gestures
will specify the individual approaches of each composer.
Harsh drones, soundscapes (of urban and wild origins), electronic sound
waves and instrumental sounds will be interspersed with silence and
stillness, towards an active listening practice, an excellent opportunity to
collectively experience multiple potentialities of musical concrescence and
diverse figurations of silence.



Michael Fischer works on the speech immanence of sounds on saxophone,
soundscapes, conducted instant compositions, since 1999 involving the
feedback based on a non-effect, analogue set-up; in 2004 he launched
the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra. Long-standing collaborations with
poets, fine artists, key-players in improvised music. Appearances at
f.i. High Zero Festival Baltimore, Globale Festival ZKM, Irtijal
Festival Beirut, Festival Int. de Improvisación Madrid, Donaufestival,
Bunka Kaikan Tokyo, Muziekgebow Amsterdam. Guest-lecturer at f.i.
Univ. Newcastle upon Tyne, Peabody Inst. of The Johns Hopkins
Univ./USA, Univ. of Applied Art/A, Univ. for Architecture Vaduz/FL.



Bernhard Loibner is a composer, musician and media artist from Vienna,
With his music Loibner treats various musical genres: from experimental and
electro-acoustic, to post-rock and pop, from audio-visual to radio art. His
musical compositions are characterized by the use of live electronics and
computers as unique instruments based on software he writes himself.
The music he creates oscillates between intricate sound textures and harsh
noises. His sounds often imply a pulsating moment while developing
continuously reconfigured rhythmical structures beyond metrical beats. A
carefully composed balance between movement and quietness is at the centre
of his musical aesthetics.
He performs live on a regular basis and he realized compositions for
contemporary theatre and dance, video, film and radio as well as
audio-visual pieces.
His collaborations include the sound/video/voice duo ³Nerve Theory² with US
video artist Tom Sherman as well as live concerts and recordings with
musicians such as Melita Jurisic, Clementine Gasser, Didi Bruckmayr,
Karlheinz Essl, Franz Hautzinger, Peter Szely, João Castro Pinto, Rhys
Chatham a.o. Commissioned work include compositions for films by Austrian
director Mara Mattuschka, the extravaganza of the French performance
collective SUPERAMAS, the Austrian National Public radio and swiss
choreographer Janyce Michellod.

He received several project and travel grants, in 2009 he was chosen for the
composition grant of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Culture.

His work has been released on CD and DVD and was presented in numerous live
concerts, performances and screenings all over the world e.g. Generator
Wien, Elektra Montreal, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Ars Electronica Linz, The
Whitechapel Art Gallery London, Videomedeja Festival Novi Sad, Videoformes
Festival Clermond-Ferrand, Kortfilmfestival Leuven, File HIPERSÔNICA Sao
Paolo, Sonoimagenes Buenos Aires, Thailand New Media Arts Festival Bangkok



Clemens Hausch is a Vienna-based media artist, graphic designer, curator and
head of the Moozak label. In his work he challenges the topic of artificial
space from the perspective of sound. His sound performances utilize realtime
signal processing in order to create shifting tectonic structures that
envelop and absorb the listeners and transform the spatial reality that
surrounds them.



João Castro Pinto works with experimental music since the 2nd half of the
90¹s, his main focus is on soundscape composition, electroacoustic and
acousmatic music. Participated in events as: INA-GRM_Banc D¹Essai (France),
ICMC (USA), Visiones Sonoras (Mexico), Audio Art Festival (Poland), Wien
Modern (Austria), Muslab (Argentina), Seoul International Computer Music
Festival (South Korea), etcŠ. He is endorsed / published by MIC.PT
<>  – Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre.
Received several prizes and published in various labels. Frequently
collaborates with other composers.
Currently is finishing a PhD dissertation on soundscape composition.