small forms

10:15 PM

A live set divided into three parts for the sake of online listening.
Performed on the night of November 19th 2022 at Ch√Ęteau Rouge in Vienna, at 10:15 PM.

The titles of the three parts compose a simple description of how sound inhabits a place, never really possible to locate and always past once perceived.

The electronic music of Morning Seance combines constant variation and reiterated complex patterns without beginning or ending. But what is intended for variation is not a change applied to a given audio object, rather a main compositional principle that eludes mechanical combinations and evident pulsations. The result is a rich agglomerate of textures and harmonies that mutates permanently and takes the listener on an atmospheric trip to different sonic environments.

Music by Morning Seance
Mastered by Valentin Becmann
Artwork by Simone Borghi
Graphic by Bernhard Garnicnig