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MS Mutt



MS Mutt [ˈƐM ˈƐS ˈMɅT] is the solo project of the Viennese experimental guitarist Johanna Forster since 2014.

Harmonious guitar riffs and noise merge with modulated field recordings in her improvised collages. Experimentation with sounds of found objects, a snare drum as a resonating body and various analog devices extend the musical spectrum in her live sets.

„The guitar and the sea of things: beaten, distended, plucked and chirped. Whether pedal, motorized insect or tin can – in front of the experimental guitarist MS Mutt all things are the same, as long as they serve only happy and faithful to the sound production. Everything will be music, in the end even the silence.” (Wolfgang Schmid)

Over the past ten years she is active in the Viennese scene for experimental and improvised music. She is teaching media design and is co-operator of the music label unrecords.

Track 01 – Fink, Track 02 – Bird Voices
Recording, Mix, Mastering by Gustavo Petek

Bird voices field recordings, Lindabrunn 08/20 by Johanna Forster

(Red-backed shrike nestling / barn swallows / spotted woodpecker / goldfinches)
Artwork: Johanna Forster