small forms


What is smallforms?
smallforms is a platform and music label for contemporary and experimental forms of music based in Vienna. smallforms seek to support musicians whose music require an attitude of listening. The monthly concert series takes place in cooperation with the art space Chateau Rouge and is curated by Alisa Beck and Gustavo Petek. For the year 2022 (February – December) we are looking for new proposals to be presented live as part of our annual programme. 

Who can apply?
The call is open for musicians, sound artists and performers/performative formats dealing with sound. We are especially looking for diverse approaches to live situations, and public encounter. The call focusses on proposals that expand formula of working with sound and music, joyfully explore various notions of voice, noise and instrumental and move beyond commodifying logics in music-making.  

How to apply?
Please send the following material: (1) audio and video links. (2) short text (max. 600 caracters!) about your proposal. (3) short cvs of all participants.

1 – 4 artists / proposal
payment: 270 Euro / person
30 – 60min / live set

Deadline: 31.Dezember 2021