small forms



For their second album, the non-conformist trio PLF delves deeper into broken song structures and harsh rhythms. Restless, the »scream-of-consciousness« vocalist Elvin Brandhi, sonic dissident & producer Peter Kutin, and multifarious drummer Lukas König spew a fresh batch of tracks resembling post-apocalyptic rituals.

ParziFoooooooooooL is most certainly the sound of a trio in flux since their explosive first sessions, gingerly feeling their way deeper inside the damp dark cavern they opened up on their Opal Tapes-released debut, EPDEMO. PLF became more condensed & on-point, the beats hit harder, bringing in slabs of distantly-remembered techno. The tracks and gnarled noises unfurl and coalesce with their own twisted sense of logic. »Produit Local Fini« sounds like trash-can hip-hop being broadcast from the bottom of a long-abandoned silo – while »PLasitFication« (featuring contributions from actionist/musician Karolina Preuschl) blossoms into a nightmarish raver before dismantling itself in an act of hyperactive self-surgery.

The album closes with a rearrangement of myriad PLF sounds stitched together by Ventil alumnus producer, Asfast. It seals the session with a mournful epitaph of untamed vocalizations and rhythmic metal scraping. With the same energy, more focus, and less autotune, PLF’s tiny tribe has returned to the crossroads of pulverized pop and industrial free improv, establishing a style that might be considered the harshest »pop-concréte« around.

Text by Tristan Bath & Shilla Strelka

Elvin Brandhi: Vocals
Lukas König : Percussions & Electronics
Peter Kutin : Guitar, Lights & Electronics

additional Vocals on PLastiFication by Karolina Preuschl
Recorded at Westbahnstudios by Gustavo Petek & Peter Kutin in 2021
Except PLastiFication – recorded live at Celeste, Monday Improvisers Session, Vienna 2022
Arranged, mixed and produced by Peter Kutin in 2022
Artwork by TE-R
Mastered by Queer-Ear Mastering

Released by Ventil Records (V_034) in COOPERATION with smallforms