small forms

★ Covid-Präventionsmaßnahmen: Entrance with 2-G. 

Saturday April 23rd 2022
Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h00
★ Lara Alarcón & Renata Daguerre
VQ is the platform developed by the artist Lara Alarcón. The performances/compositions implement the idea of prosthetic dialectics by the use and support of large amplifications, pedals, noise devices and other sonic complexities, with some extending to live video or live coding. This music engages the listener in an intense way by using strong changes in dynamics and extended durations.
Prótesis is an expanded VQ piece in collaboration with video realisator Renata Daguerre where sound is relying on visuals and visual is feeding back on Sound. Both artists are using each other as prosthesis.
★ Palmovka
Palmovka is a live electronics project of Lucia Udvardyova, using field recordings and custom-made hardware. It changes from gig to gig, adapting to inner and outer conditions and feelings. Besides being a musician she co-founded the Easterndaze project focused on Central and Eastern European electronics and the Baba Vanga label.