small forms

Vocal Experimentation & Improvisation Workshop by Barbara Togander

26. April
15:00 – 18:00 Uhr
at Château Rouge
(Preferably bring your own microphone)

Barbara Togander’s workshop is addressed to singers, musicians in general, actors, dancers, speakers, v.o artists wanting to expand the sonic possibilities of their voice.
Participants will be given diverse sonic and dynamic tools in order to discover and elaborate their own vocal resources developing different sonic universes both inside and outside conventional voice, through exploration, listening and improvisation.


Barbara Togander is a vocal artist, turntablist, free improvisor, composer and sound artist born in Uddevalla, Sweden, based in BuenosAires, Argentina.  Since the early 90’s she delves into free, experimental music and free improvisation where she deepens in the sound possibilities of the voice, the turntable and electronics.
She has played and collaborated with a great number of musicians such as Otomo Yoshihide, Julián Galay, Enrique Norris, PAN, Andrea Parkins, Philip Leitner, Christoff Kurzmann, Christian Reiner, Capitanes de la Industria, Manolo Rodriguez, Carlos Costa, Larry Polansky, Chris Mann, Camila Nebbia, Violeta García, La Bomba de Tiempo, Dieb13,  Vinz Schwab, Walter Malosetti , Norberto Minichilo, Santi Vazquez, Sami Abadi, Sergio Verdinelli,  Paul Pignon, Luis Conde among many others. 
Bröz (Göteborg), Dokkhuset (Trondheim), Kafé Haeverk (Oslo) Roulette ( NY), Il Conserieri ( Milan),Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón (Arg), Sångbolaget, Artacts ´24 Festival (AUT), M3 Festival (NYC), Köttinspektionen (Uppsala), Mínim Festival and Festival 30nits in Barcelona, Der bloede dritte Mittwoch Series, Echoraum series and smallforms in Vienna, VII Festival Internacional de Improvisación Hurta Cordell (Madrid), Roseti, Teatro General San Martin, Teatro Cervantes, Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival, Air Festival, Vicente el Absurdo, Prez, Virasoro Bar, Thelonious, Experimenta’97 and Experimenta’98 (BsAs) are only some of the venues and festivals she has performed in as band leader as well as guest musician.

As an educator she gives workshops of free improvisation for voices and other instruments in Argentina and EU, as well as individual classes of vocal training and improvisation.